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Getting Started

Welcome to Craigs xPersonals,

This website has been developed in response to Craigslist Personals being forced to shut down. Many of you know what are the reasons for their Personals section of the site to shut down, so please don't ruin it for the rest of us on here. CL Personals has served as a platform for many out there to quickly post and look for a quick fling. We've brought this site for you to do just that, and here are a few tips before getting started.

1. Your emails are shared with the end user -so think before you contact someone.

2. If you think you did not receive an email -check your spam or junk folder before reaching out to us. To avoid future spam/junk emails -Mark as Not Junk or Not Spam.

3. You must be over the legal age of your jurisdiction or 18+ to use our website.

4. Child Pornography and Human Trafficking is strictly prohibited on our site. First and formost, please report anyone who are abusing our platform for such activities to your local authorities, and alert us after. If we see a trend in such activities, we will change our platform to make it impossible for such activities.

5. Do not share any personal information including: Full Name, Social Identity Number, Home Address, Credit Card Info, Personal Photographs etc. Think of every contact as a scammer, do not put yourself in a vulnerable position.

6. Do not make any type of online payments whatsoever, we will never ask for any payments nor will we intervene in any of your dispute. There are imposters out there, we will never ask for any type of payment from Craigs xPersonals -please report these imposters to your local authority.

7. Stay safe, always use protection and always let your family members know where you are headed. Keep an emergency number on speed dial just incase -never trust anyone so take precautionary measure.

Each posting allows for 2 image uploads, your listing will automatically expire within 45 days after posting. We felt to keep our systems clean, there is no need for uploading a post for more than 24 hours. At least there was no need for it in CL.

Remember -Craigz xPersonals is a completely free to use website! -We will never ask you to pay for anything!

Please read our Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy to protect yourself. Let others know of our platform, lets grow this community and have fun!